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A Collection With Identity Crisis

Yesterday we had a refactoring kata facilitated by Carlos Blé. The focus was on implementing refactoring changes that shouldn’t at any point break any of the existing unit tests.

We had a short discussion about a type of a certain collection. It seemed the situation we had was confusing to most of the people present. In this post I’ll outline my thinking with the reasons behind it.

Proactively Meeting Interesting People

I’ve glimpsed early enough the importance of being proactive in life. Sadly procrastination and inactivity make up for an easier road. I’ve fallen victim to those vices, hard and repeatedly. Seeing how that doesn’t lead to the life I desire, I’ve been changing my ways.

Professional life is one area I’ve put more effort in. I’m now regularly talking at events and conferences. I’m organizing some as well1.

More importantly I’m meeting amazing and interesting people. Proactively. This is rewarding professionally. Even more, it’s deeply enriching privately. You should do it as well!

SoCraTes 2014

Few days ago I was at SoCraTes (Software Craftsmanship and Testing) conference in Soltau, Germany and it was an amazing experience. People say that all the time without elaborating further. I’m going to try explaining why I think so and why next SoCraTes could be the right conference for you.

I’m Stupid When I’m Tired

As the title says, I’m stupid when I’m tired. Seriously, this is not a joke! Fatigue affects my performance across the board. Intellectual capabilities needed for being a software engineer are affected more than most.

I’m going to ramble a bit here, recollecting a particularly embarrassing episode I had yesterday. If you are often on the verge of being sleep-deprived or just plainly tired, by the end of this post I hope you’ll reflect on that behaviour a bit.