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About Ivan

Hello, my name is Ivan. Nice to meet you.


Me in a few words: CTO. Software Architect. Speaker. Crafter. Deeply curious. In love with life.


I live in Berlin, Germany.

Also, my hopefully-up-to-date resume and some Coursera courses I’ve completed.

Standing invitation

Whatever the reason, just drop me a line, be it in less than 140 character or in a full-blown email. If you’d prefer to communicate securely, here’s my PGP key.

Also if the roads brings you to Berlin, I’m probably interested in meeting you.


… and various meetups and open spaces

Software Craftsmanship

I’m passionate about Software Craftsmanship. Here are some related things I’m doing:

… and I just love exchanging ideas and experience with like-minded people at conferences or wherever we happen to be at the time. :)

About this blog

I’m using this space to occasionally share my thoughts in a written form. Hopefully you’ll like it. :)

If you’d like to keep track of the future posts, you can do so here.

On the more technical side, this blog is created with Octopress. Every article is written in Markdown. I’m hosting this blog on Amazon S3. You can find more details here.